Compliance has never been so important This means that we all have to be aware of the ethical and compliance requirements expected of us. No-one does more than we do to ensure that this is the case. This is why we have a team of Compliance and Training Officers whose job it is to ensure that the highest standards are being maintained at all times. They are supported by our Mentoring Team who work with new fundraisers to ensure that they know what is expected of them and to enable them to follow the guidelines.

We also have particular measures to maintain our high standards. For example, there is automatic detection of multiple sign-ups that can help to identify potentially vulnerable supporters. In the case of lottery sales, we restrict people under the age of 26 to single tickets only. We also have a very robust whistle-blowing system to identify bad practice which works alongside our transparent digital complaints recording procedures.

Mystery Shopping


We run an intensive mystery shopping program at Unique. We mystery shop each fundraiser at least twice per year and within the first month of starting all fundraisers will receive a mystery shop. All our mystery shops Are Video recorded so we can see exactly how are fundraisers are representing your brand. If a fundraiser fails to meet the required threshold to pass our mystery shop a CTSO will visit them to show them where they went wrong. We will also rebook them for a mystery shop within the next 2 weeks. If they do not improved they will be retrained by our CTSOs. Our clients can view all our mystery shops via our Online CRM.

Comprehensive Training

Great fundraising starts with great training, that’s why we run an intensive 2 days induction for all new Staff and fundraisers to Unique Fundraising. Day 1 consists of understanding the cIOF rule book and treating donors fairly. As we as what makes a great Brand ambassador and how to identify Vulnerability. Every fundraiser must pass a compliance test based on this information before they are invited to join the company. Day 2 isdevoted to learning about our charity clients, the campaign and how to present this to members of the public correctly.

Welcome Calling



We attempt to contact every supporter to ensure they are happy and fully understand their commitment to our clients. All our calls are made from our head office in Yorkshire and are all recorded and available for clients to listen to. Welcome calling enables us to verify supporter details to ensure data accuracy for our clients as well as identify any possible vulnerability.


We understand when dealing with members of the public their safety is paramount along with that of our clients, which is why all our out office staff and field contractors are DBS checked regularly. This ensures the safety for you, your brand, your data and the public.


Our Welcome team pick up on any anomalies while calling your supporters. These could be anything from a misspelt name or email address, to signs of vulnerability or fundraiser conduct, these anomalies are flagged to our compliance team who investigate quickly. This enables us to find issues before they even become issues!

Complaints management

Unfortunately complaints happen, and lucky we have one of the lowest complaints ratios in the business. But when they do happen they need to be dealt with quickly. Which is why we have developed a fully digital complaints process. As soon as a complaint is loaded onto our system our compliance team is alerted. it can quickly be assigned to a CTSO to investigate. Once we have the feedback from our CTSO the charity will be invited to view the information and add their comments and opinions. Throughout this process our clients can see what stage a complaint is at which enables you to manage expectations internally.